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Welcome to KIMURA Steak House, where the richness of imported Japanese wood and the sleek contemporary decor have the same stylish edge as the food.Our chefs create innovative cuisine using only what’s freshest and best, emphasizing flavor and healthier ingredients for melt in your mouth results. The beautiful color menu offers something for everyone from elegant sushi gilded with micro greens to shellfish, steaks, chicken or pork, as well as traditional Japanese fare (tempura, teriyaki, katsu and domburi).

Stop by our Japanese Restaurant for delicious Sushi or Hibachi and the best dining experience in the Boynton Beach area!

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Chefs entertain at KIMURA when they grill your dinner

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When you enter, you are given the choice of sushi there are dozens of rolls to choose from, as well as appetizers and desserts, The hibachi choices include chicken, steak, filet mignon, shrimp, scallops, salmon, vegetarian, as well as combinations of these.


If you choose hibachi, you will find yourself at a large grill with eight seats around it. If your party is less then eight, you’ll be seated with strangers.


The entertainment factor is great, but the food is wonderful and fresh. Watching the chef fling knives, spatulas, condiment containers, etc. We were sure someone would end up leaving with bandages. But no one did.